Mining Essentials for Learners

Mining Essentials is your first step towards a rewarding career!

Thousands of new workers are needed to fill vacancies in the mining and exploration industry from coast to coast to coast, due, in part, to replacements from retiring workers.

Mining Essentials offers exposure to the mining sector through an empowering learning experience, leading to employment, or further education.

What learners are saying about the program:

“Once they see my success and the success of my classmates they [the community] will want to follow. ” - Rebecca Thompson, Mining Essentials graduate, Saskatchewan

“We went on a local mine tour. Now I know what an environmental technician does for a mine. I didn’t even know the position existed when I first started. I thought that companies just come in, extract the resources and leave. There is much more to it than that, and that’s what Mining Essentials showed me. It opened up my mind to how a mine functions. Now I’m pursuing my education to become an environmental technician.” - Ada Chevrier, Mining Essentials graduate

An Aboriginal man climbing up ladder rungs to operate a piece of heavy equipment

If you are interested in Mining Essentials, please contact a local educator to inquire about availability in your community.