Mining Essentials for Educators

Why choose Mining Essentials?

The program is taught in the classroom and through hands-on experiences.

The industry-validated curriculum and employer involvement enables educators to connect students to industry and give them the potential opportunity for hands-on experience at a mine or exploration site to enrich the learning experience and ensure that learners want to pursue a career in mining.

Aboriginal culture is integral to the program.

Designed to encourage learning in a culturally appropriate environment, the teaching of skills using cultural contexts and traditional methods helps learners better relate to the material, whether they are First Nations, Métis or Inuit. Trainers are also encouraged to integrate and substitute local traditions to teach skills where possible. This is also beneficial to employers who are just starting to learn about their local community and how to become culturally aware.

Mining Essentials is highly customizable for the needs of the program partners and region.

From day one the partnership between employers, educators and communities informs the work enrichment activities, delivery design and learner recruitment. Previous deliveries have included safety training or provincial certificates as part of the training enrichment component, further enhancing a candidate’s understanding of mining safety culture and regional work readiness.

Graduates of the program have the skills to seek employment or choose further education.

For some graduates, they begin to ask what lays ahead of an entry-level job, and start to recognize that they can achieve a leadership position over time. For learners without the educational requirements for their preferred career, Mining Essentials gives them the confidence and knowledge to further their education. The importance of demonstrating a positive workplace attitude is also reinforced throughout the Program and is necessary for learners to graduate.

  • The Program’s success is demonstrated by a graduation rate consistently above 70%, with the majority achieving employment or furthering their mining education within six months of graduating.

  • Mining Essentials is the only national mining training Program created in partnership with the Assembly of First Nations and in collaboration with the Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami, the Métis National Council, employers, educators and communities.

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A group of Indigenous youth doing thumbs up and proudly showing credentials earned