Performance Report

The performance report provides an overview of MiHR's projects and accomplishments during a specific period. 

Performance Report 2010-2011

Performance Report 2008-2009 
April 2008 to March 2009, inclusive

Performance Report 2006-2008 
April 2006 to March 2008, inclusive


Mastering Aboriginal Inclusion in Mining
Mastering Aboriginal Inclusion in Mining is a module series designed to nurture and grow the competencies that help companies become employers-of-choice for Aboriginal talent.

Planning Guide to Federal Government Programming  (PDF 712Kb)
This planning guide provides an overview of federal government programming and tools that are available to the mining industry.

The Resource Guide to Government Programming  (PDF 580kb)

Mining for Diversity: An Employer's Guide to Attract, Recruit & Retain a Diverse Workforce (September 2008)  (PDF 6.6mb) 
This user-friendly guide for employers is based on the findings of a multi-pronged research initiative led by the Conference Board of Canada, which has uncovered numerous HR strategies designed to attract, recruit, and retain women, youth, new Canadians, and mature and transitioning workers.

Mining Industry Human Resources Guide for Aboriginal Communities  (PDF 1.3mb)
This brochure provides an overview of a new initiative to provide training resource and career opportunity information aimed at attracting Aboriginal men and women to seek rewarding careers in Canada's mining industry.

Joint Workplace Adjustment Committee (JWAC) Tools and Services  (PDF 293kb)
This informative brochure provides an overview of easy-to-use workplace adjustment tools and services available to help your organization meet the challenges of re-integrating laid-off workers due to downsizing or mine closure.Workforce Transition Resources Available from MiHR 

Mining Industry Attraction, Recruitment & Retention Strategy (MARS) Project Overview (2007)
This provides an overview of some of the tools and programs being developed as part of the MARS Project to address the current skills shortage, help maintain Canada's continued leadership position on the world mining stage, and sustain the mining industry's contribution to Canada's economy. 

National Occupational Standards Project 
This provides an overview of MiHR's National Occupational Standards Project, which is one of the initiatives being undertaken to develop essential skills profiles, core competency standards for the mining industry. The project will also help the industry create a national strategy for using the standards to address human resources challenges in the mining sector.

Mining Immigration Reference Guide
This guide will serve as a reference document to help mining companies better understand the process of foreign worker recruitment, immigration and settlement and to assist them in navigating and managing the process.

Labour Market Research Publications

Canadian Mining Industry Employment and Hiring Forecasts 2011 - A Mining Industry Workforce Information Network Report
The 2011 version of this annual report includes adjustments to the MiHR forecasting model, namely updates to the economic variables and the Commodity Price Index. The general improvement in the outlook for the global economy and for commodities has led to hiring projections in the 2011 report which have increased from the already substantial numbers of the 2010 report.

Saskatchewan Mining Industry Hiring Requirements and Talent Availability Forecasts 2011
This report details the expected mining labour-force shortage for Saskatchewan for the period 2011-2021 and contains forecasts of available talent and a talent gap analysis. The report is a follow-up to the 2008 Saskatchewan Report on Labour Market Demand Projections.

Canadian Mining Industry Employment and Hiring Forecasts 2010 - A Mining Industry Workforce Information Network Report
The national report expands on previous research and forecasts (conducted in 2008 and 2009) that examined the dynamics of the mining labour markets in British Columbia, Saskatchewan and Ontario. The national report considers each region's economic contribution and relative importance to the sector and is available in English and French.

Ontario Report on Labour Market Demand Projections (715 kb )
This report deatils the expected mining labour-force shortage for Ontario for the period of 2009-2018.  The report is a follow-up to the Mining Labour Market Transition Report.

Saskatchewan Report on Labour Market Demand Projections  (PDF 4.2mb)
This report details the expected mining labour-force shortage for Saskatchewan for the period 2008 to 2017. The report is a follow-up to the Mining Labour Market Transition Report.

British Columbia Report on Labour Market Demand Projections  (PDF 4.2mb)
This report details the expected mining labour-force shortage for British Columbia for the period 2008 to 2017. The report is a follow-up to the Mining Labour Market Transition Report.

    Mining Labour Market Transition Project
    This report identifies barriers and opportunities in the mining industry provides an assessment of the current human resource needs in the sector. 

Prospecting the Future: Meeting Human Resources Challenges in the Canadian Minerals and Metals Industry (2005)
This report provides an in-depth assessment of current and emerging human resource needs and gaps in the mining sector and provides recommendations for maintaining and enhancing the sector's strength well into the future.

Download the Executive Summary

Download the Report

Making the Grade: Human Resources Challenges and Opportunities for Knowledge Workers in Canadian Mining
Knowledge workers are a key segment of the mining sector's workforce and play an essential role in research and innovation. Despite their importance, the industry lacks key information about this segment of the workforce throughout all phases of the mining cycle. This report aims to bridge this gap, helping to create a better understanding of knowledge workers and enable industry partners to become more proactive and strategic in workforce planning.

Download the Executive Summary

Download the Report

Take Action for Diversity Report

MiHR's Take Action for Diversity report provides valuable insight on the perspectives of members of key target groups on being attracted, recruited and retained in the mining sector.  As part of the SHIFT: Changing the Face of the Canadian Mining Industry initiative, the report was developed to assist employers in their efforts to attract and retain staff from specific pools of talent, including Aboriginal peoples, youth, women, new Canadians, mature/transitioning workers, and persons with disabilities.

If you are interested in more information about the SHIFT project, please visit the SHIFT page.

Ramp-UP: A Study on the Status of Women in Canada's Mining and Exploration Sector
The Ramp-UP study, launched in March 2010, has produced findings that confirm to industry what barriers exist and more importantly, what can be done to attract, retain and advance more women in the mining sector. Diversifying the workforce by increasing the number of women retained and recruited by the mining sector is an essential strategy in addressing the looming skills shortage. MiHR partnered with Women and Mining Canada to conduct this study.

Partner Reports

Women: An Unmined Resource - A Report on Female Participation within BC's Mineral Exploration and Mining Industry Published by the Association for Mineral Exploration British Columbia (AMEBC), this report is based on extensive surveying of women working in the BC mineral exploration and mining industry, HR decision makers in the industry and student career advisors from secondary and post-secondary institutions across BC. This report adds value to the current knowledge about female participation in the industry and reveals that there is great opportunity to further engage and employ women in a dynamic and rewarding career within the mineral exploration and mining industry in British Columbia.  

Download the Executive Summary

Download the Report

Junior Mine 2011: Volatility, the new "business as usual"
Published by PriceWaterhouse Coopers (PwC), this report reviews the top 100 mining companies listed on the TSXV, as of June 30, 2011. In Junior Mine 2011, the story appears very positive for mining companies; however, this success has to be interpreted with the understanding that only weeks after June 30, the market changed and began to ride the wave of extreme volatility. This volatility means that junior mining companies need to maintain their focus on the long-term for junior mining. Knee-jerk reactions to the market will result in decisions that will negatively impact the growth strategy of junior mining companies in the long run. Realizing the game has changed will help mining executives put into place the proper measures and strategies that will propel long-term growth for their company.

Workforce Transition Resources

MiHR has developed a set of resources to assist employers in times of transition.  Tools are available below for providing support to workers during challenging times like mine closure and downsizing, as well as offering support to HR Managers in finding required skills in other sectors.

Site closure is a difficult process. MiHR's Mining Workforce Transition Kit provides employers with a way forward when facing mine closure or downsizing. Developed in Canada specifically for the mining industry, and endorsed by key industry stakeholders (including business, organized labour, education, and government) the kit will help employers manage mine closure and minimise the socio-economic impacts associated with this process.

The kit contains five modules and can be implemented by an on-site team or consultant. MiHR offers extra support to complement the kit, please email to enquire about an orientation session on the Transition Kit.

Using the links below, download for free, any of the five modules now and find out how MiHR can help you:

Module 1: Decision Makers
Module 2: A Resource for Workers
Module 3: The Transition Committee
Module 4: The Action Centre Team
Module 5: Transition Resources

Beyond the Sector - Identify a new pool of managers (PDF 634kb)
Faced with up to 40% of the mining workforce being eligible to retire by 2014, HR managers will need to identify transferrable skill sets in other sectors. MiHR has developed a list of non-technical transferable managerial competencies along with an occupational matrix to illustrate, at a glance, where similar managerial occupations can be found in other sectors.   Included are success stories from employees who have transitioned from other sectors into mining.  Please use this link to download the resource. 

Physical Demands Analysis Assessment Reports

Following a comprehensive analysis of the physical skills required for certain mining occupations, MiHR has produced 34 detailed physical demands reports for the following occupations:

Underground Miner (PDF 1698kb)

Surface Miner (PDF 1874kb)

Mineral Processing Operator (PDF 1742kb)


Throughout the year, MiHR staff members give presentations on human resources issues at various events across the country. You can download any of these presentations by clicking on the presentation title desired.

Presentation Title



Date of Presentation

2011 Saskatchewan Mining Industry Hiring Requirements and Talent Availability Forecasts 


A guide to the Canadian Mining Employment & Hiring Forecasts 2010 report


Mining Essentials: A Work Readiness Training Program for Aboriginal Peoples


Women in Mining

Saskatchewan HR Forum MiHR and LMI) - 3513 kb


Saskatchewan HR Forum - Explore for More - 12282 kb

Saskatchewan HR Forum - CMCP Presentation - 1463 kb

Saskatchewan HR Forum - Mining Workshop - 532 kb

Vancouver HR Forum (MiHR & LMI) (pdf 3.73 mb)

Vancouver HR Forum - Explore for More 
(pdf 4.71 mb)

Vancouver HR Forum - CMCP Presentation
(pdf 1.05 mb)

Vancouver HR Forum - Mining Workshop (pdf 5.29 kb)

Vancouver HR Forum - Resource Training Organization Presentation (pdf 221 kb)

Conference of Metallurgists COM 2009 (PowerPoint) (9.87 MB)

Highly Qualified People Research Project  (PDF 1.7mb)

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Melanie Sturk

Barbara Kirby

Trina Bucko


Ryan Montpellier

Melanie Sturk

Barbara Kirby

Crystal Kosa

Larry Richardson

Ryan Montpellier, MIHR


Ryan Montpellier, MiHR

Saskatchewan Mining Week









Canadian Aboriginal Minerals Association (CAMA) Conference 2010



 Vancouver, WIM




Saskatchewan HR Forum

Saskatchewan HR Forum

Saskatchewan HR Forum

Saskatchewan HR Forum

Vancouver HR Forum

Vancouver HR Forum

Vancouver HR Forum

Vancouver HR Forum

Vancouver HR Forum



COM 2009


CMIC - Highly Qualified People Working Group, Toronto

May 31, 2011





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October 29, 2009

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October 29, 2009

October 21, 2009

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October 21, 2009

October 21, 2009



August 25, 2009


December 2008

MiHR Overview  (PDF 1.8mb)

Ryan Montpellier, MiHR

Federated School of Mines, Sudbury

November 2008

National Strategy for Overcoming HR Challenges in the Mining Industry  (PDF 1.6mb)

Pierre Gratton, MiHR &
Ryan Montpellier, MiHR

Energy and Mines Ministers' Conference, Saskatoon

September 2008

Policy Research Publications

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