Mining Industry Workforce Information Network (MIWIN)


Mining Industry Workforce Information NetworkThe MIWIN project will:

  • test and refine various analytical and forecasting models specific to the mining industry labour force.
  • identify the occupational structure of the workforce.
  • project the demand for workers by occupation and other key parameters over the two-, five-, and ten-year time horizons. Reports will be published on a regular basis, while custom reports will be available upon request. Ultimately, MIWIN will evolve into a web-based system that covers all provinces in Canada where mining is carried out. It will feature an on-line query and reporting capability that can generate forecasts of future labour requirements, based on various assumptions.

Project Deliverables

  • Complete MIWIN studies for British Columbia and Saskatchewan (2008)
  • Complete Ontario study (March 31, 2009)
  • Expand MIWIN's capability to include other provinces by end of 2009
  • Refine labour market forecasting system (ongoing)
  • Develop technical architecture and system specification for online query function
  • Launch Labour Market Information (LMI) web portal

Start / Completion Date

January 2009 to July 2010

Committee Members

Gavin Dirom
Association for Minerals Exploration British Columbia (AME BC) (formerly VP, The Mining Association of British Columbia)
Daniel Giroux
Canadian Mine Education and Training Network (CMETN) - Association of Canadian Community Colleges
Sean Junor
Senior Specialist, Workforce Planning
Cameco Corporation
Pierre Guimont
Executive Director
Comité sectoriel de Main-d'oeuvre de l'industrie des mines
Keith Harris-Lowe
Director, HR
Xstrata Copper
Linda MacDougal
Policy Analyst
Citizenship and Immigration Canada
Kristeen Johnston
Workforce Planning
Vale Inco
Arezou Manoussi
Human Resources and Social Development Canada

Supporting Documents

Contact Information

Martha Roberts
Manager of Research, Sector Studies
Telephone: 613-270-9696 x 21
Fax: 613-270-9399

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