About MiHR

A Simple, Innovative Approach.

Two individuals working together.MiHR's approach to addressing the human resources challenges in the Canadian mining industry is simple, yet innovative and highly effective—work together, bring the best ideas to the table for the benefit of all, and utilize available resources wisely. This dynamic process promotes the sharing of best practices, leveraging of programs that work, and working together on common challenges.

By working with MiHR, you are choosing to collaborate with other industry stakeholders in developing targeted solutions that will benefit your organization and the mining industry as a whole.

The Challenges

The human resources challenges facing the Canadian mining industry include:

  • Matching supply and demand for workers
  • Attracting and retaining workers
  •  Lack of skills recognition
  • Labour mobility
  • Increased competition for top talent among industrial sectors and countries
  •  Lack of labour market information

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Our Commitment. We are committed to actively engaging and working with all communities of interest—employers, educators, organized labour, and Aboriginal groups, among others—to develop solutions tailored to human resources needs in the mining sector.

Our Background. MiHR is the council for the Canadian minerals and metals industry. A recognized leader in the development and implementation of national human resources solutions, MiHR contributes to the strength, competitiveness, and sustainability of the Canadian mining sector. The products and services supporting our endeavours are based on sound research into the skills and labour market issues that matter most to the Canadian mining industry.

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